August 16, 2016




We create beautiful spaces...

For Distinctive Interiors, when it comes to Corporate environments, the design and style of the space can mean the difference between a good space and a Great space. In our Corporate department we deal with large spaces that are accommodated by the masses or groups of people.

Our Corporate department includes Interior Design and Space planning services of:

  • Reception Areas
  • Boardrooms
  • Office Spaces
  • Open Plan Offices
  • Canteen Areas
  • Public Bathrooms
  • Communal Areas
  • Office Design

Distinctive Interiors is an interior design company that is passionate about creating and moulding innovative working spaces that are optimised for working relations, productivity and performance in each individual corporate business. Our Specialist of Interior designers make efficient use of every available space with in each given area, add value by enhancing the company brand, transfer your corporate identity and implement style, textures and trends to accommodate your business.

We focus our emphasis on maximum return on rental space, open channels of communication and workflow between departments and employees.

The corporate environment is unique and we embrace the challenges it provides, and take the utmost vanity in our customer’s satisfaction.