We create beautiful spaces...

For more than 20 years , Distinctive Designs Group’s focus has been on creating spectacular eye-catching spaces that not only captures the client’s exact specifications, but which create a mood that allows one to feel completely at home. WIth today’s wide variety of designs styles, we not only make it easy to choose a design, but create a space that is unique to every individual client. Reowned for our sophisticated, warm and sensual approach, Distinctive Design Group is one of South Africa’s leading interior design companies.

Our signature design style layers contemporary textures with cutting-edge furniture, luxuraint fabrics, trendy decrotive patterns and unusual object d’art. With our profound respect for architectual structure and detailing, Distinctive Designs Group’s interiors are harmonious and inviiting, never intimidating, and always liveable. Our projects range from suburban family homes and apartments to holiday homes, hotels, bars, lounges, restaurants and executive offices for clients all over the globe.